Janet Hardy Stained Glass

School Projects

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Carway School:

This mosaic and ceramic mural is in the school hall at Carway C.P. school, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Made in five sections it celebrates the life of a local author, and shows his portrait in the central section.

The other sections show aspects of life in the village; the left hand panel shows the two village chapels and a minister with the congregation. The panel on the right depicts the entrance to a drift mine and miners. This project took ten days.

95" x 27"

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Pontyberem School:

Made during a residency of ten days, this glass "curtain" involved eighty children. Pupils from years four, five and six each made their own fused glass tiles which were joined together with wool, string and glass beads. The work makes a feature at the top of a landing window at Pontyberem C.P. school, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Each tile is approx. 10cm x 10cm.

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Old Road Primary School:

These hexagonal panels are on the theme of "Our Town" for Old Road Primary School, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales. The mosaic and ceramic panels were made during a six day residency which involved all the pupils and staff. Each panel is 24" across, the central blue panel shows the school, the yellow panel shows the coastal path and seaside.

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Carmarthenshire Education Authority:

On the theme of the "elements"; earth, air, fire and water. This free standing pyramid is lit from within. It is 1050mm high and 560mm x 560mm at the base. Three primary schools and a secondary school all worked on the pyramid for Carmarthenshire Education Authority as part of the county's millennium celebration. The younger children made clay shapes which were used with mosaic tiles, buttons and beads and stuck onto board to decorate the base of the pyramid.

The older students designed, cut, painted and assembled the stained glass.

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A large mosaic mural at Ysgol-y-Bannau, Brecon, Wales. Made during a twelve week residency on the theme 'Brycheiniog bro wych annwyl" (Beautiful Breconshire).

The whole school was involved, first making individual drawings and paintings and then a large working drawing. The mosaic was then made in sections and fixed to the wall. Clay shapes formed the borders. The children also made individual tiles which were used to decorate other areas.

Mosaic mural 3 meters x 90 cm

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Bryngwyn Comprehensive:

Year ten pupils at Bryngwyn Comprehensive School, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales, made three panels to decorate the reception area of the school. The design was based on the work of a famous Welsh painter Mary Lloyd Jones. The students learnt many new skills and worked hard to complete this project in twelve days.

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Llanelli Eisteddfod 2000:

Six primary schools in the Llanelli area took part in this "Totem Pole" project as part of the Llanelli Eisteddfod 2000. A group from each school had three days to design and paint the large wooden blocks, which were displayed outside the art and craft pavilion. Each school had a different theme:- insects, wild animals, pets, celtic mythological animals, monsters and sea creatures.

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Ysgol Griffith Jones:

During a twelve day residency at Ysgol Griffith Jones, St. Clears, Carmarthenshire, Wales, pupils from years four, five and six made a "Time Line" for the reception area of the school. Six painted perspex panels trace the history of the area, and fit inside the windows of the entrance hall. The theme continues along the adjoining wall. The panels show ancient buildings and monuments and also modern local buildings, leisure activities and farming (my favourite!).